Victoria Design Studio Philosophy

“At Victoria Design Studio our philosophy is that you can live fabulously while staying in harmony with nature and humanity.”
At Victoria Design Studio we work around the clock to find the most exquisite environmentally friendly, handcrafted/fair-trade and organic goods to enrich your home and body. Take a look through our shop and you will find handcrafted jewelry from around the world, eco friendly gifts and gadgets, alongside some delicious vegetarian, vegan and organic food products.

It is important to realize how much privilege and opportunity those of us that live in more economically developed countries receive. Fair trade is our way of paying that privilege forward to those who live in financially depressed regions, and regions that are not privy to “free trade” advantages such as the removal of tariffs. This “international sales tax” in conjunction with the often difficult living conditions of these countries often keeps us from ever seeing some of the world’s finest artisan made items, rare/exotic herbs and fruits, as well as items made from renewable sources such as bamboo.

The world has come a long way since being “environmentally friendly” meant wearing itchy and unstylish garments and eating unidentifiable masses of vegetable protein. Modern green living has evolved into something far more palatable. In most cases the foods are richer and more flavorful because it is still food, and not a solution of chemicals and food byproducts. The fair trade clothing in our store mirrors today’s fashions and had been carefully selected from the finest products around the world for comfort, fit, and sensibility. So whether you are ready to go green or have been a long time advocate of humanity, welcome to Victoria Design Studio.

Regarding the Rare & Fossils: I have a personal collection of Ancient Antiquities and will be offering them for sale from time to time. Anyone who is signed up for the mailing list will be notified when a new item is listed. Some items in my collection include Ancient Roman and Jeruselum items as well as Authentic Ancient Egyptian Necklaces. We continue to look for vendors who specialize in any of the following:

Organic ~ Sustainable ~ Artisan Made
Eco Friendly ~ Fair Trade