Organic Hand Made and Beautiful Jewelry [part 1]

Victoria Design Studio is the impetus of artist Victoria York. Victoria was well received at exhibits in NY and NJ. At the same time, Victoria developed a flair for painting recycled furniture, as she was designing her own home.

Victoria credits her parents for her intests in artisan creations and ancient antiquities. When She moved to Georgia, to be with her family, she incorporated her passions and interests into a family business. The items available at Victoria Design Studio reflect both our eye for beauty and sense of social responsibility.

While custom furniture is still available in several locations, this site is offering affordable luxury products with a focus on artisan made hand crafted products.

Though many of our products are eco-smart and fair trade, we hope what you find is simply COOL STUFF for YOU and YOUR HOME!

We continue to look for vendors who specialize in any of the following:
Organic, Sustainable, Artisan Made, Eco Friendly, Fair Trade

So here is the scoop and how I got started in organic, green living…
First, I don’t preach to anyone about what they should be doing, about green living, eating organic foods, or otherwise – mostly because I don’t want anyone preaching to me. There is a big difference between educating and letting people make choices for themselves and their own lifestyle and throwing it at someone tied to a brick! Besides, I am not perfect and am not in the position to tell people what they should be doing. There are a lot of choices and options where someone can begin bringing change into their life at a comfortable pace.

My choices in life are ever changing and evolving and to be honest, I like it that way. I am an artist. I adore creating, the process of creating and watching something evolve. I like to think of myself as a girly girl, but apparently I’m not. I like to get my manicured hands dirty. When I paint, I often use my fingers. When I garden, I often forgo tools to dig with my hands. I don’t mind coming out of the gym, still in my racquetball clothes, before going home to wash up. There is nothing more important to me then my family.