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Artist Statement
Victoria York

Though the foundation of my art is realism, I work to create the emotive quality of the moment. Emphasizing an element in my subject, I capture the depth of a shadow or brilliance of the sunlight. I have rearranged color concepts of light and shadow while Juxtaposing bold intense colors to develop the feeling in the painting. I enjoy bringing contemporary interpretations to classic art concepts. I have always encompassed a passion for life, color, laughter and the understanding that I am lucky and grateful to enjoy these gifts. This is what I hope people see in my art.

Working primarily in acrylics, I use saturated color and varied brush strokes to create texture and depth. I genuinely feel that my art is a direct extension of myself and each time someone brings home one of my works, they are taking home a share of my thoughts.

“…York employs bold color strategies in evoking a powerful and dynamic sense of presence in her canvases.”

– the Courier News

“Most notably, her paintings of Italian landscapes, and Isle of Ischia off the Italian mainland, as well as more American rural scenes, show her ability to transform classic scenes into contemporary art.”

– The Star Ledger

Victoria York

Victoria York was born 1964 in the East Coast of New Jersey. With a Mother who has a passion for the arts, specifically literature and theater, Victoria learned early on the emotive power of creativity. Her father, also an artist, would teach Victoria technical skills while he painted.
With great exposure to the arts growing up, Victoria has acting and directing experience, appearing in commercials and working with local theater groups and even directing & producing her own show called “Comedy Night.” Victoria pursued and achieved a successful career in marketing and advertising as an Account Executive. Awards won for advertising include the Press Association Retail Advertising Competitions. Throughout her ten-year career, she continued to hire private instructors for her art while often taking a sketchpad and pencil with her on many road trips.
In 2002, Victoria’s father, Nicholas, her dearest friend, passed away. He asked of her to pursue her art and she has done so with amazing zeal and public acceptance. Victoria is a full-time professional artist selling her artworks through private commissions, gallery sales and online ventures.


Shows & Exhibitions


Art Emporium, 57 West Main Street, Somerville, NJ, 2005-May 21 & 22, 2005


Art Emporium, 57 West Main Street, Somerville, NJ, 2005-March – present
The Collectors Show, Bridgewater Marriott, Bridgewater, NJ, 2004
Fall Festival Juried Competition / Show Tewksbury, NJ, 2004
S.A.A. Spring Show – 2004




Courier News, July 26, 2005, Artwork published, Front Page
Courier News, May 2005,Title: Riding the Wave
The Star-Ledger, May, 2005, Title: Indoors
Hunterdon Life Magazine, Article, title: Unique Design, October 2004
  Columbia Homes Magazine, title: Rave Rooms, Mention, April, 2005 
The Artist Guide, Powerful Entrance, April, 2005


Starry Night, 1st Place, Best Poetry, Juried Competition / Show Tewksbury, NJ, 2004
Letter to a Friend, Book Title: Night Fall, ILP, Nov. 2003
Starry Night, Book Title, Best Poets of 1997, ILP, 1997


            Listed in upcoming edition of Who’s Who of American Women, 2006 Publication
            ArtPrice, Listed Artist
            The American Center for Artists
            American Artist Registry
            World Artist Registry
            Sightquest Art Directory


Art Gallery & Sales Venues

 Victoria York is a widely collected artist who’s work is part of corporate and private collections world-wide . Her work has been found represented in several venues and gallery displays, including:

Phidias Art Gallery, New York
Art Emporium, Somerville, New Jersey
Gallery Michael, California
Saign & Associates, California
  Excellent Sky Gallery, Colorado
  The Village Rug, Whitehouse Station, NJ
  Somerset Art Association- 
Johnson Gallery, Bedminster, NJ
Jacob Swerdlow Gallery, NJ, 2004



Somerset Art Association/ New Jersey Arts 
Fuel 4 Arts
Absolute Arts



Work in progress….

 Born to a family proud of their heritage, I attribute much of my influence to the culture of Italy.  We have family who remain in Italy running a vineyard for many generations.

I had a very unique upbringing in that we lived less than five miles from the beach in the last percent of undeveloped woodlands with a beautiful family farm.  Every day of my life, I was exposed to nature in its polar edges. I was a lifeguard during my teen years, spending nearly every day at the beach. Then, in the evenings, having a campfire in the woods or following deer trails. This was a rare and beautiful experience.

Of course the rock-n-roll era of the Stone Pony in its heyday must be mentioned.  Experiencing the Bruce Springsteen times and growth of Bon Jovi gives anyone teen age exhilaration.

 My love of life has brought me to explore and vacation from England to California-from St. Maartin to the Midwest. …………………….Work in progress….



 Though Victoria received some private art lessons, she is greatly self-taught, acquiring most of her direction from her artist Father, Nicholas. Victoria has been involved in the arts, on several levels, for much of her life.  She began winning awards for her poetry and her pastel sketches through grade school.  Victoria has also done theatre, commercial work and directing.  “The acting experience brought me to a whole new level of understanding emotion, behavior and objects that I take to the canvas every day.”

    Victoria pursued a successful career in advertising as an Account Executive, where she won awards for retail competitions, while working on promotions for some of the largest companies in the world. 

Life Influence

Born  to a family proud of their heritage, Victoria attributes much of her artistic influences to the culture of Italy.  “I have family that remain in Italy, operating a vineyard that has been in the family for many generations.  Also, the way Italians love and use color in their daily lives is wonderfully inspiring!”

Another strong influence for Victoria is the Rock-N-Roll era of Asbury Park, NJ. “There was just nothing else like it. It was an era and evolution unto itself. There was a vibrancy, a feeling, that has just never left me.”

Victoria York dedicates all of her work to the memory of her father.

We had a Great Christmas!

OK! I have some news…

This is Ryan. I have mentioned him before. He is my son’s friend and I have grown very fond of him. Well, we just got some great news.

Ryan has passed all of his tests and is now officially a Navy Man! !!! Way to go Ryan!
Please join me in congratulating Ryan with well deserved good wishes!!!


My Mom

As you may have read in the news recently, the new changes to medicare have been a nightmare! We had to work very hard and in a half-panic to get my Mothers medication as quickly as possible.
Anyone else out there suffering with the changes for yourself or a loved one, I feel your pain. We recruited quite a bit of help to get everything in order as quickly as possible, but we got it done. whew!

So, Mom is home! Really, my Mom’s situation has been the biggest thing in my life. So i am relieved that her health is improving. My whole family really pulled together to get everything done for her that needed to be done. I am proud of that.

Every day, at home, my mother receives visits from visiting nurses, physical therapists and nurses aids. We use Meridian nurses. If anyone wants to know, we have used Meridian before and have been very pleased. Some of them have really gone out of their way to help. So I definately recomend them.

My Son!

Seriously, is he not just one of the most handsome young men you have ever seen? (I made that! Ha! )

Well, here is the scoop.
There is no greater pain and no greater joy then raising a child. And can I say that every minute, every second, is worth it!
I am amazingly proud of my son. Proud of how he is evolving and growing.
We talk about every day now. (Yup, every day, even if just for a second. I am a very lucky Mom!)
He tells me he is single again and wants to keep it that way for a while.
He is extremely focussed on his training, which is not easy. He is studying at every chance he can get in addition to his regular duties.


Joe and my son have been friends since they were small children. I love him like a son.

Yup girls, he’s a cutie too! However, he is not single. I am proud to say that Joe is getting married in March to a wonderful girl named Mandi. She is very sweet and very good to him.
Please join me in wishing them a wonderful life together!!!!


As for me?

Well, now that things have calmed down a bit, I am back to painting! Yeah!!!

I missed it terribly. I am currently working on a new series. It is a whole new style and color pallette for me, but it is still unmistakeably, all Victoria!

I will post some new picks here in the upcoming weeks.

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