Fair trade brings global hope to the goliday season

Guilt free shopping doesn’t always refer to the price of an item. When I think of guilt free products, I think about the manufacturing and shipping processes it takes to create and move one product to its end location in one of our retail stores. Fair Trade products are items that, from fabrication to delivery, support global efforts to compensate workers adequately, (no matter what country of origin) ensuring a clean and comfortable working environment; and often times providing workers with an opportunity that would otherwise not be available.
As most people have concluded, the holiday season isn’t all about the gifts. Gifts are a wonderful perk of the holiday season, and are a great way to show your love and appreciation to those with whom you share your life. However, giving a gift that is satisfying at both ends is surprisingly rewarding. From the time you have purchased a fair trade item, you have already helped improve the quality of life for the individual who poured their efforts and creativity into this item.

By the time your friends and family members unwrap their gifts with smiling faces, you can smile back knowing that the person who made this gift is privy to the same opportunities and standards of living that can so often be taken for granted in the United States. Fair Trade is more than a fashion statement. It’s more than a mark that displays your support of global equality. It is a receipt for the happy individual who would not otherwise be privileged with the same working quality conditions that are under-appreciated prerequisites here in the United States.

When you buy Fair Trade, you provide a better life for a man or woman whose talent would likely otherwise be exploited.

Happy Holidays from Victoria Design Studio

Victoria York